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Reloading Cartridges for the Original 45-70 Springfield Rifle & Carbine

J. S. Wolf, or Spence, as he was known to his friends, had spent most of his life shooting competitively in one aspect or another.  He found great frustration when he could not get his newly acquired original 45-70 Springfield rifle to shoot with any accuracy, and from this point began a life's journey and passion to find out the how, what and why of that legendary rifle. 

Spence spent the last years of his life using all of his "free" time researching Arsenal records from the 1800s and other writings of that era to discover and apply those techniques for use in today's loading of accurate ammunition for the "Old Warrior." He had to find what had been forgotten as times changed. With his wife Pat, he began his quest to write a small booklet on how to duplicate the ammunition originally loaded for the Trapdoor in the 1800s.  That "booklet" has grown to 181 pages in the Third Edition of LOADING CARTRIDGES FOR THE ORIGINAL 45-70 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE AND CARBINE. 

Two years after completion of the book that documented his years of dedication, and three years of intensive research with wife Pat, Spence succumbed to cancer in 1993. Unfortunately, he never got to experience the satisfaction of knowing that his hard work has brought the "Old Warrior" out of the closet and into the winner's circle for many owners of the historic 45-70 Trapdoor Springfield Rifle and Carbine.

Pat & Spence
As we were in 1991

Homepage photo credits to Kenny Durham
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The book  "LOADING CARTRIDGES FOR THE ORIGINAL 45-70 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE AND CARBINE" is now available as a digital download in  the online store. This new digital format is immediately downloadable and is the complete book for your convenience. In a hurry or just don't want to pay shipping, order your digital copy today!

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The Wolf 5 die set is no longer available in our store. For your convenience please read the following:


To create the 5 die set, purchase 1 Lee 3 die set, 2 extra Lee neck expander dies, and the powder compression plug plus the neck expander plug.   TRACK OF THE WOLF in Elk River MN has all of these available, along with the Lee 405 gr hollow base bullet mold and 500 gr flat base double mold.

Track of the Wolf hours - mail order please call : 

763-633-2500. Call 9 AM to 5 PM weekdays. If all lines are busy, or no answer, keep trying. No machines will answer the telephones during business hours. Fax at 763-633-2550.

Catalog numbers are as follows:

Lee 3 die set:  LEE-DIE-45-70

Lee extra die body for plug use: LEE-DIE-45-EX (order 2)

Powder compression plug: DIE-45-COMPRESS

Neck expander plug:  DIE-458-EXP

Lee bullet mold for 45-70 Gov’t hollow base in 405 grain:   LEE 90268

Lee bullet mold for 500 grain 45-70 Gov’t  round nose flat base bullet, double cavity: LEE 90577

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